Best things to do in mekong delta

The Mekong Delta is considered as the biggest Vietnam’s “rice bowl” with lots of rice paddy fields and dense system of rivers and canals. It lies to the west of Ho Chi Minh city, roughly stretching from My Tho in the east to Châu Đốc and Hà Tiên in the northwest, down to Cà Mau and the South Sea at the southernmost tip of Vietnam, and including the island of Phú Quốc. The Mekong Delta is a famous destination which attracts tourists because of beautiful places and unique culture. Surely if you either already visiting it one time or not, you always want to comeback and experience Mekong region once in your life. The following is list of activities considered to do whenever you’re in Mekong Dealta.

Paddle down the Mekong Delta

Whether you jump in a rowboat all by yourself or have a local Vietnamese wearing a conical hat act as skipper, paddling down the Mekong Delta absolutely was one of your favorite experiences on your trip. Taking a boat across Tien River, through canals, visiting coconut candy factories, fruit orchids on riversides and taking great pictures along the ways, all of these things can create a wonderful boat trip ever in your holidays.

Visit floating markets

One of favorite experiences in Mekong delta that nowhere else have is floating markets. This hectic parade of activity is a fascinating spectacle to behold that reminded you of the Uros from Lake Titicaca. From pineapple tossing to fishing the market is as lively as they come. What’s fascinating is that all of this takes place on the water where you have an opportunity to experience all of it for a couple of hours. Cai Be, Cai Rang and Phong Dien floating market are absolutely great places for you to visit.

Mingle with friendly locals

It is said that the best way to understand clearly one destination is communicating and exeriencing directly the life of the indigenous people. Overnight homestays in Vinh Long is a good start for you if you’re looking for authentic Mekong Delta experience. Homestays are available in a cluster of islands across the river from town, from purpose-built guesthouse style lodgings to small family homes.

Listen to traditional Vietnamese music

Listening to a traditional Vietnamese music and singing performance is something we relished after spending hours out on the boat or you can find the ways to houses of artists and listen to them together with locals. The soothing and distinct sound of the music along with fruit refreshments and tea helped you to cool down and recharge for the rest of the afternoon.

The Mekong Delta is easy to travel independently and inexpensively, so if you have more time, don’t mind spending a little bit more than a package tour, let’t travel by yourself. If you just have 1-2 days, let’s choose tours departed from Ho Chi Minh city for your own convenience.