Best time to Visit Hue for a Hue Dragon Boat

Dragon boat is a thrilling experience found throughout Vietnam, but the Hue Dragon Boat Tour offers something truly unique and memorable. Hue’s majestic Perfume River, without being hindered by weather or external factors, is an unparalleled experience for a dragon boat tour. Follow Deluxe Group Tours to explore the weather in Hue and find out the best time to visit Hue for a dragon boat.

Hue climate characteristics

Hue is a city that always carries unique beauties that cannot be found elsewhere. Sometimes it is the romantic charm of the gentle Perfume River winding around the city.

At other times, it is the majestic beauty of Hue Imperial City, once the golden era of the Nguyen Dynasty. Whether it’s any facet, Hue always possesses a unique charm that cannot be replicated. It seems that to embellish these beauties even more, Hue also owns a capricious and unpredictable weather muse.

Located approximately 675 km north of Hanoi and 1,060 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Hue occupies an advantageous position with rich natural conditions, diverse ecosystems, and a very distinctive landscape. Particularly notable are its complex river system and surrounding mountain ranges. As it is influenced by these conditions, Hue’s climate is described as humid and tropical, with distinct dry and rainy seasons.

Thanks to its variety in climate conditions, Hue will become even more diverse in experiences, making it now not only a perfect destination for cultural and historical enthusiasts but also an excellent location to explore natural beauty.

Especially with the renowned Perfume River winding through the heart of Hue city, it creates a magnificent and unique natural painting. The river’s crystal-clear water flows gently through flower gardens, ancient palaces, and winding alleyways of the old city, forming a splendid journey on dragon boats full of impressions.

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Unveiling Hue weather

1. Seasonal Hue Weather

Hue is not only famous for its majestic historical relics but also for the romantic Perfume River, especially the dragon boat cruises on the Perfume River. Exploring Hue through dragon boat , you cannot overlook the importance of weather information in .

Hue weather is distinguished by two distinct seasons: the hot season and the cold, rainy season.

  • The hot season in Hue lasts from May to September, bringing vibrant golden sunlight and clear blue skies. The days filled with gentle sunlight make Hue appear more radiant than ever, while the intense heat enlivens the city even more.
  • The cold, rainy season starts off in October and lasts until March of the subsequent year, bringing a melancholic yet romantic landscape to the city. It begins with gentle drizzles and progresses to heavy, continuous rains similar to downpours.

Each season brings a distinct face to Hue, but all contribute to embellishing the romantic river and the ancient city.

2. Hue Monthly Weather

Though Hue is stated to have only two seasons, every month nonetheless presents a completely unique weather characteristic. Below is a unique climate feature in Hue by way of the month, so that you can plan your journey:

Huong river
Huong river

In January, the characteristic weather specialty of Hue is the persistent drizzles stretching from day to day, week after week. Although the rain isn’t accompanied by strong winds or extreme cold like in the northern regions, Hue takes on a peculiarly melancholic and tranquil atmosphere.

In February, it often coincides with the traditional Lunar New Year celebrations. When you visit Hue during this month, you won’t have to endure prolonged rains anymore. Instead, you’ll experience occasional light showers that enhance the atmosphere of the new spring.

perfumer river

March is considered one of the best times to explore the taciturn ancient capital. The air is still relatively cool, and Hue adorns itself with the vibrant painting of spring. It becomes even more enchanting as every corner is adorned with the colors of grass, flowers, and leaves.


April marks the transition into summer in the ancient capital, with average temperatures rising compared to the previous spring months. Sunny skies allow for a refreshing journey, enabling you to explore more and capture sparkling photos amidst the lush green nature or prominent attractions in Hue.

The weather in May in Hue starts to become hot and sunny. The golden sunlight gently dances on the moss-covered tile roofs, filtering through the ancient trees, and creating impressive patches of light and shadow. Sudden rain showers make your experience even more exciting.


In June, the weather in Hue usually reaches the peak of summer, with intense sunshine and high temperatures. Fewer sudden rain showers are helping to relieve the intense sun’s rays, making the city appear even more radiant and sparkling than ever before. With its shimmering golden sunlight, Hue in June offers you a vibrant and lively experience, illuminating every moment and corner of this city.

Stepping into July, Hue is still adorned with brilliant sunlight, but it’s not as intense as in June. The July sun is gentler, infused with romance and dreaminess. The occasional rain showers in July provide a refreshing sprinkle for the trees, flowers, and leaves. Under the gentle sunlight and fresh air, there’s nothing quite like enjoying the beauty of nature and relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere of Hue.

In August, the month of Hue has more rain, and the weather in Hue is quite choosy. Sudden and heavy rain showers, although relieving Hue’s intense sun, make the others unable to prepare. However, the sight of sunrays peeking through after the rain will compensate. At this time, Hue becomes a mysterious and captivating allure.


In September, Hue begins to enter the rainy season with sudden torrential downpours. Occasionally, the most horrifying aspect is the occurrence of large storms that cause flooding. However, the September rainy season in Hue also has its own unique beauty. The dense rains combined with the ancient space create a melancholic and tranquil image of Hue.


During the days of October, Hue drapes itself in continuous rain. The weather starts to turn cooler along with heavy downpours, rendering Hue quiet after the lively summer days. The steady rain falls, dampening the entire city and making the streets appear emptier.


As November arrives, Hue continues to be engulfed in prolonged, gloomy days of rain. The sky remains overcast, with no sunshine piercing through the thick clouds. The relentless rain falls, each drop soaking into the skin, weighing down the spirits and inducing a sense of melancholy.

The streets are deserted, with only the sound of raindrops and rustling leaves in the wind. Bare trees stand tall, their branches reaching into the sky.

In the last month of the year, Hue remains immersed in rain, but it’s a gentle rain, akin to a mother’s lullaby. The December rain seems to bring along a beauty and emotion that permeates the entire city. Under the soft rain, Hue awakens with lush and romantic sprouts, and people’s hearts become more relaxed and peaceful.

Best Time to Visit to Hue for a Dragon Boat


The Perfume River has long been a symbol of Hue City, drawing countless people to admire it. However, few know that the best way to admire the most beautiful perfume river is to experience a dragon boat.

When you embark on a dragon boat , you’ll glide gently over the water, passing by famous landmarks along the riverbank such as Trang Tien Bridge, Minh Mang Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda, Hon Chen Temple, and more. From here, you can cast your gaze far and wide, embracing the picturesque scenery of the Perfume River in Hue.

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Moreover, a Hue Dragon Boat trip on Perfume River brings you a feel of tranquility and peace, some distance from the hustle and bustle of city lifestyles. On the dragon boat, you may revel in the clean air, experience the slow pace of lifestyles in Hue, and immerse yourself in the romantic nature.

However, to have this kind of complete enjoyment, you must pick the right time to participate in a dragon boat . Below are some tips to help you select the right timing:

1. Experience Dragon Boat in Hue ctiy in spring (January and February)


The spring in Hue typically begins around early January, when the trees start to bud. The bare branches that were once stark are now turning lush green, welcoming the budding and blossoming of all living things. Thanks to this, the scenery of Hue becomes truly poetic and romantic. The Perfume River also becomes more charming as occasional rays of sunlight break through, dispersing the spring showers.

The sky after the heavy and continuous rain also becomes clearer and higher. The river surface was sparkling, with the ripples rolling like soft silk ribbons across the city. Along the riverbanks, rows of trees cast their shadows onto the water, creating a picturesque and serene scene.

As if not wanting to disrupt this romantic scene, the dragon boats glide slowly and gently along the river. They pass by iconic landmarks such as the Thien Mu Pagoda, majestic tombs, etc. The scenery along the Perfume River banks also seems to come alive again after the long, dreary days of rain.

In spring, Hue lacks the hustle and bustle of crowds, only embracing the fresh air of the season and the tranquility of an ancient city. Immersing yourself in a spring dragon boat , reaching your hand out to feel the raindrops, and casting your gaze far to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Perfume River, the fresh air, and the undeniable serenity will surely be a memorable experience.

2. Experience Hue Dragon Boat in the festival season (April):

If you visit in the spring, you can enjoy the peaceful and serene sight. However, if you come to Hue in April, you will have the opportunity to peer at the Ancient Capital embellished with festival hues, with lighting fixtures illuminating the city and being energetic and vivid.


When you come to Hue city in April, you’ll be treated to vibrant and bustling scenes with many festivals. The most prominent among them is the Hon Chen Temple Festival, featuring hundreds of beautifully decorated dragon boats parading on the Perfume River. Along with the resounding beats of drums and lively cheers create an incredibly vibrant atmosphere.

Visiting Hue city in April is a wonderful experience. During this time, the Ancient Capital adorns itself with splendid beauty, with rows of flamboyant phoenix flowers blooming in vibrant red and shady streets lined with lush green trees. On the Perfume River, hundreds of dragon boats are extravagantly decorated, parading amidst the resounding beats of drums and lively cheers, creating an incredibly vibrant atmosphere.

Amidst the festival atmosphere, experiencing a dragon boat tour in April is a unique and unforgettable experience. During this time, you not only get to admire the splendid beauty of the Ancient Capital with rows of flamboyant phoenix flowers blooming in red but also immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Hon Chen Temple Festival.

3. Experience the Dragon Boat in Hue city in Summer (May-August)

In the summer, Hue may be scorching, but it offers you a more diverse range of experiences. Unlike the gentle, romantic beauty of spring or the lively atmosphere of April, Hue in the summer shines brightly under the golden sunlight, with vibrant and bustling activities.

This is perhaps when the Perfume River shines the brightest throughout the year, as the sunlight makes it sparkle all day long. It becomes even more special in the mornings when the sun melts the morning fog, tinting the river with a pink hue. Or during twilight, when the sunset dyes the sky red, the Perfume River adorns itself with a mystical and romantic beauty.

The Perfume River is at its most stunning during the moments of dawn and twilight in the summer. This is while the river embellishes itself with a mystical and romantic beauty, making hearts flutter for every person who gazes upon it.

When you visit Hue in the summer, you absolutely must experience a dragon boat ride on the Perfume River. It’s best to go in the early morning or late afternoon, when you can witness incredibly vivid transitional scenes. From the tranquil and deeply imprinted landmarks of Hue reflecting in the radiant sunset to the lively scenes of summer with people strolling along the riverbanks or SUP rowing beneath the Truong Tien Bridge, Hue in the summer will treat you to some truly unique and unparalleled sights.

And what better way to immerse yourself in this beauty than by embarking on a Hue Boat Tour on Perfume River? On the dragon boat, you will experience the tranquility of the vast water, while admiring the historical landmarks and unique natural landscapes of the city. This will surely create unforgettable memories and provide a truly unique experience for your journey in Hue.

Tips to Visit Hue for a Dragon Boat 

Hue Dragon Boat Tour in Spring:

  • The weather may be cold and might rain, so get a mild jacket or scarf to hold warm and an umbrella to avoid surprising rain showers.
  • Make reservations earlier to make certain you can have the dragon boat excursion consistent with your alternatives, specifically on weekends or vacations.Hue

Dragon Boat Tour in April:

  • The demand for dragon boat tours in April could be very high, mainly at some stage during the Hue Festival and Hon Chen Temple Festival. Therefore, you should make reservations in advance to avoid situations in which spots are absolutely booked.
  • April in Hue can also have unexpected rain showers. Therefore, you need to dress appropriately for each sunny and wet climate.
  • If you go to Hue in April, you ought to also keep in mind getting extra records about the Hue Festival to participate in the precise cultural and inventive sports of the pageant.

Hue Dragon Boat in Summer:

  • This is the peak tourist season in Hue, so you should make reservations in advance to avoid being fully booked.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sun shades to guard yourself against the sun, and it is really helpful to pick out a boat with a roof to keep away from the heat.
  • With favorable weather conditions, you can combine dragon boat tour with other activities such as visiting historical and cultural sites in Hue or enjoying Hue cuisine.

A complete journey is one with no element that dampens your spirits. Understanding that sentiment with my own experiences as someone born and raised in Hue, I believe the facts furnished in this article can be useful for you in making plans for a great trip to Hue. Considering the seasonal weather for specific activities, particularly dragon boat tours, you can make sure of a satisfying and enriching adventure that resonates with the essence of Hue.