Cu Chi Tunnels: An Optimal Travel Guide

Deluxe Group Tours will turn your thoughts about exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels into reality with the optimal travel guide for the Cu Chi Tunnels. You can easily find all the information about Cu Chi Tunnels, from addresses, the way to get to, and highlights to what to eat at the tunnels, in just this article. Together with the Optimal Travel Guide from Deluxe Group Tours, plan your next vacation right away.

cuchi tunnels map

Cu Chi Tunnels Map

About Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels historical site is located at Provincial Road 15, Phu Hiep Hamlet, Phu My Hung Commune, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City. This place was closely associated with the anti-French resistance from 1946 to 1948. The tunnels were built by the army and residents of Tan Phu Trung commune and Phuoc Vinh An commune together to serve the process of hiding, storing weapons, etc.

The base has a total length of up to 250km, consisting of three floors with different depths, with the deepest floor being 12m below the ground. Initially, each village had its base bunker, but later, during the period from 1961 to 1965, the locals connected them to facilitate communication.

Outside the tunnels are equipped with numerous booby traps, bell pits, and minefields… to ensure safety for communication, hiding troops and weapons, and discussing revolutionary plans inside the military tunnels. To date, the base has connected six northern districts of the tunnels.

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a remarkable national historical monument and one of the six famous man-made structures in the world today. Along with that, the combination of tourism and tunnel exploration has become a significant attraction for numerous tourists, making it one of the top 7 most bizarre destinations in Southeast Asia.

How to get to Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels system is situated around 70km from the Ho Chi Minh City center, hence you can use whatever means of transport you are comfortable with to get there. Below are some transportation options you can consider:

Cu Chi Transfer

  • Personal transportation like a motorcycle or a car seems more convenient and cheap for you. You will start your tour from the Ho Chi Minh City center, moving to the An Suong intersection, following National Road 22, and then reaching the Cu Chi district. The route is clear, and you can use Google Maps as a guidance.
  • If you are traveling to Ho Chi Minh City and wish to combine Cu Chi Tunnels with exploring Ho Chi Minh City but do not have transport, a taxi is also a comfortable option you can consider. However, the cost will be higher than other transportation, about 500,000–600,000 VND per trip.
  • The cheapest option is the bus ride. At Ben Thanh Station, you will take a bus with two stops to Cu Chi Bus Station, then change buses to bus number 79 to get to the tunnels. It takes about 2–3 hours to get the total trip time if you take the bus.
  • In addition, if you love adventure, you can select a boat or canoe for this trip as well.

Explore Cu Chi Tunnels

Admire Cu Chi Tunnels

One of the main and most exciting activities you must participate in when visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels is exploring the tunnels deep underground. Here, you will reenact all the activities and life during the Indochina War that Vietnamese soldiers experienced in the past.

Especially right below the tunnels, there are stalls selling dishes that people used to eat in the past, such as sweet potatoes, cassava, and Chinese yams dipped in sesame salt. With flavors embodying local essence, they are, although simple, remarkably delicious.

Explore the area recreating the Cu Chi liberated area

As a place closely associated with history and war, the Cu Chi Tunnels still retain traces of wartime at the reenactment area. Here, you will be shown documentary films reenacting the entire daily life and combat scenes of the Vietnamese army and people underground.

Furthermore, you can also admire many models of famous historical landmarks in Vietnam, such as Long Bien Bridge, One Pillar Pagoda, Dragon Wharf, Saigon Bridge,… It can be said that by visiting such a unique tourist destination, you will feel the profound patriotism of the Vietnamese people.

Challenge yourself by shooting

Exploring the deep underground tunnels at Cu Chi is a must-do activity for you, offering a thrilling and immersive experience. While engaging in shooting activities, the staff will guide you with great enthusiasm. So, if you’ve already ventured into the Cu Chi tunnels, don’t hesitate to try shooting.

Visit the simulated South China Sea bathing area

When combined with tourism activities, the Cu Chi tourist destination also prepares a simulated South China Sea bathing area for people to enjoy after spending time in the tunnels. With an experience ticket price of only 20,000 VND per person, you can immerse yourself in the clear water of the lake.

Visit Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Centre

Located just about 1km from the tourist area center, the biggest rescue wildlife station south of Vietnam will be your perfect next stop when exploring the Cu Chi tunnels. Here, you will find approximately 3,600 rare wildlife species that you can view and play with them. In addition, also a meaningful part of the journey is to get a deep understanding of the rescue workers’ activities, thus encouraging the idea of animal protection in general and wild species in particular.

Trung An Fruit Garden

Within the Cu Chi Tunnels tourist area, there is also a fruit garden for you and others to have an ideal spot for resting, strolling around, and taking a breath. Moreover, at the Trung An fruit garden, you can personally pick and enjoy various delicious fruits such as rambutan, plum, jackfruit, durian, strawberries, etc.

What to eat at Cu Chi Tunnels

Don’t forget to sample the unique native dishes of Vietnam when visiting any tourist destination. Naturally, the abundance of delectable and distinctive cuisine is one of the finest parts of visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels.  You can take note of the following list of some tasty dishes to savor:

  • Boiled cassava with salt dip: This is a dish closely associated with the Vietnamese military and people living under these underground tunnels. Although it is a simple dish, you will feel the unique flavor of this land.
  • Cu Chi calf meat: Cu Chi is related to the fame of the calf meat. You are not only able to sample various delicacies from this type of beef but also can purchase it for your everyday meals with your family and friends.
  • Minh Quy pork knuckle noodle soup: Before getting into your Cu Chi Tunnels exploration journey, you don’t need to worry about what to eat for breakfast. Minh Quy pork knuckle noodle soup is a fantastic dish to warm up for your exploration journey.
  • Sugarcane juice with durian: This will be a refreshing drink to recharge your energy after a long day’s journey. You can try the unique flavor of this famous drink at sugar cane juice with durian stalls along the road, usually open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., with a price of only 10,000 VND per glass.

Essential tips for visiting Cu Chi Tunnels

You should plan your schedule accordingly as the Cu Chi Tunnels are open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. There is an entry fee of 20,000 – 30,000 VND per person at the tourist area, a tunnel crawling ticket of 20,000 VND per person, and an activity ticket of 50,000 VND per person for other activities.

  • Although there are no specific regulations regarding attire, for the most comfortable experience during the sightseeing activities, it’s recommended to wear neat and convenient clothing, especially suitable for tunnel exploration. Dark-colored attire can help conceal dirt, and choosing sports shoes will make movement more comfortable.
  • Additionally, remember to prepare some essential cosmetics to protect yourself from the sun and prevent
  • It is best to get a hotel room in Cu Chi ahead of time to make your vacation easier if you intend to spend a lot of time thoroughly exploring this location.

Recommended Cu Chi tunnels visiting itinerary

Cu Chi Tunnels half-day itinerary

To get the most out of your limited time at the Cu Chi Tunnels, you should book a tour to fully experience the tunnels, which helps you receive optimal assistance from travel agencies and tour guides.

In particular, you can consider the Cu Chi Tunnels Tour Half Day. Within just half a day, you can fully experience the Cu Chi Tunnels. Admire the unique weapons crafted and used in the Vietnam War, and explore typical traps in the tunnels, like traps made of bamboo covered with dry leaves. Not only that, you can also experience real shooting, visit rice paper-making workshops, or enjoy cassava dipped in salt, a dish with a strong local flavor.

Cu Chi Tunnels 1 day itinerary

If you have more time to explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, combining Cu Chi and other destinations is the perfect option for you, which provides a diverse experience, blending harmoniously between history, culture, and nature.

Combine Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day offers Vietnam’s history and natural beauty experience. With a complex network of tunnels, you immerse yourself in historical traces. Combined with immersive experiences in nature, such as admiring the lush landscapes of rice fields and famous fruit orchards of the Mekong Delta, paddling through the canals and rivers of My Tho will be a unique and meaningful experience.

Combine Cu Chi Tunnels & Sai Gon City tour full day offers a blend of Vietnam’s history and culture. From exploring historical architectural landmarks to savoring local cuisine and then embarking on an adventure through the Cu Chi Tunnels, each activity provides unique and memorable experiences.