Top 5 most interesting experiences cu chi tunnels(or Chu Chi tunnels)

Cu Chi tunnels (or Chu Chi Tunnels), which is famous as “the land of steel” of Vietnam, is located on the Northwest direction about 70 km from Ho Chi Minh city. It was built in 1940s during the war against French colonial. The system of tunnel includes a lot of rooms, kitchens, clinics, stores, etc. which were used by Vietnamese communists to implement campaigns against foreign enemies.
Today, the Cu Chi tunnels(or chu chi tunnels) is a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists, for those who are interested in discovering strange and unique places and country history. Let’s find the top 5 most interesting experiences in Chu Chi tunnels with me now.

  1. Go through Cu Chi tunnels (or Chu Chi tunnels)

chu chi tunnels

The length of Chu Chi tunnels is about 200 km, some parts are narrow and dark. Foreign tourists have voted it as one of strangest destinations in Southeast Asia. Therefore, go through Cu Chi tunels can be considered as the most excited one. You will have chance to explore every corner of the well-known tunnel of Vietnam and the whole world. It runs windingly underground and made by simple tools such as mattock, showel, etc. but it matched basic amenities for a shell such as working tables, beds, stores, kitchens, clinics, etc.

After going through the tunnel, you will have a chance to enjoy the dish boiled cassava served with roasted tofu salt- the specialty of Chu Chi. The cassava roots are boiled by Hoang Cau fireplace which is smoke free and avoids the enemy’s notice.

  1. Visit recreate war zone

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Photo of Cu Chi tunnels tour


If you want to see the entire war in the Chu Chi tunnels, let’s come to this area. With vivid models, fascinated and heroic speeches, the entire war is rebuilt detailedly. Also in the back of conference hall, you can visit the models of famous landscapes in Vietnam as Nha Rong Wharf, Hue, One Pillar pagoda, Sai Gon, Long Bien, My Thuan Bridge, Hoang Sa archipelago and so on.

  1. Try paintball shooting

paintball shooting in chu chi tunnels

After going through the tunnels and relax your mind from the dark and lack of oxygen underground, you can play paintball shooting. To play this sport, it requires enough members and then divided into two teams; hence if the number of tourists is not enough, you can not play this game.

  1. Cycling and swimming

cycling to Chu Chi Tunnels

Right in the Chu Chi Tunnels, you can hire bikes to go around. You can both ride bike and behold the pure atmosphere here. Or tourists can swim to enjoy the cool water under the intensive sunlight of summer. You can swim at pool simulation East Sea.

  1. Visit Animal Rescue center

Visit Animal Rescue center chu chi tunnels

After experiencing all forms of visiting and entertainment, if you still have time, you could visit the Chu Chi wildlife rescue station. Born in 2006, it is considered the biggest wild animal clinic of Southern region. The center located in the middle of Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc, far away 1km form the main tunnels. Therefore, you can spend time visiting and understanding more about the work of protecting animals here. However, if you plan to visit this place, you must make a phone call in advanced, a good advice for you.

We hope you found this Ho Chi Minh  Blog post and our Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide useful. If you’re ever in Ho Chi Minh City and you want to see Chu Chi Tunnels that most visitors never get to see, you should consider booking  Cu Chi tunnels tour half day.