Turle, Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn Islet

After visiting Vinh Trang pagoda, you should have a boat rowing through water channels and jungle to the four islets which are Dragon – Phoenix – Tortoise – Unicorn. These four islets are important attractions along water channels of Mekong River Tien that run through My Tho besides the other highlight attractions are Dong Tam snake farm, Thoi Son island and Rach Mieu bridge.

In order to go to these islets, you have to sail through narrow channels in a wooden rowing boat. Slowly navigating through calm waters of My Tho, going under the low jungle is completely tranquil and silent and a unique experience that you’ve never had.


Dragon islet is the most popular of all and the one that is closer to center of My Tho. It is the only islet connected to My Tho by ferry line after the opening of Rach Mieu bridge, therefore, you can visit this islet by a rent bicycle in the center of My Tho. The featured characteristics in the islet are tea-honey bees and rice liquor. You can buy honey bee and rice liquor as a gift for friends and relatives at home.


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Turtle islet, its name reminiscent of pirate stories, which is the smallest of the 4 Islands of My Tho but very rich in terms of tropical fruits, in particular the striking dragon fruit, but also papaya and bananas grow on the island. On this island there are also regular performances of Vietnamese traditional music to delight us with the monochord and guitar music.


The Phoenix Islet is located 3 km from My Tho, it is also known as the island of the monks of the coconut. The monk of the coconut is a religion of Christianity and Buddhism in that its followers are fed only coconut mixture. On the island Phoenix can visit an abandoned monastery of the monks of the coconut.


The channels are shallow so you can see the largest one, the Unicorn islet. However, as in other islets, at the Unicorn islet you can find flowers, tropical fruits and traditional Vietnamese music.