Ho Chi minh City Travel Guide

Travel is the hobby of almost people in the world . To have a fun trip, you should have basic knowledge about the place that you want to go. Here are some advises for you when you are in Ho Chi Minh city. Please have a look because it’s very useful for you.

You should choose simple and comfortable clothes to be convenient to visit some popular destinations.
For example: when visiting temples, you ought to choose polite clothes in order to express your respect. On the street, you can choose the most fashionable and beautiful clothes to take a lot of nice pictures and don’t forget to bring a camera.

HCM city has 2 different seasons: rainy and dry seasons. Rainy season begins from May to November. The weather is hot, humid and has high temperature with heavy rainfall. Otherwise, dry season often begins from December to April. It is really hot in the south but you can expect cold conditions in the far north. Sky is clear and sunshine is the norm, so this is great time to visit Vietnam. Though during Tet holiday, the price of everything increases a lot. When travelling to the south of Vietnam in wet season, you should bring umbrellas or rain coat whenever you go out, because you can easily get sick if you catch the rain. On the other side, do not forget to bring sun cream, skin cream, lip balms in dry season.

You should be careful with fast foods and should eat at sanitary restaurants.
Visitors suffering chronic diseases prepare full medicines during the journey.
Here are some good hospital in Vietnam:

  1. Bach Mai hospital, Ha Noi
  2. 108 Hospital, Ha Noi
  3. Cho Ray hospital, HCMC
  4. Hospital of Medical University, HCMC

Do not bring along valuable things to go shopping or walking on the street. Leave them in the safety box of your hotel room or give them at the reception of the hotel.
When you’re crossing the street without the pedestrian lane, make sure you have an eye contact with the driver and make a sign for them to stop or slow down, and pay attention to the left and the right.
You shouldn’t give money to beggars or buy souvenir from peddlers at night.
Don’t call motorbike taxi or taxi by yourself, ask the hotel staff call taxi for you before going

Currency: Viet Nam dong
Tourists can use a lot of payment measures: cash, credit card, bank transfer.
While the Vietnamese currency is the Vietnamese Dong (VND), the US Dollar is widely accepted as the “other” currency in Vietnam, especially in Saigon. Therefore, you don’t even need to change a lot of US Dollars to the local currency if you want to shop, pay for something or tip.

Working time of the administration department
Working time : 07:30 to 11:30. Afternoon from 13:00 to 17 :00 of the day from Monday to Friday . Saturday and Sunday are the weekend .
Vacation time : there are some holiday breaks such as New Year ( 01/01) ; Hung Vuong anniversary ( 10/03 lunar calendar ) ; Liberation Day ( 30/04 ) ; International Workers’ Day ( 01/05 ) ; National Day( 2.9 ) , Lunar New Year holidays.