Top 7 most interesting experiences Cu Chi tunnels (or Chu Chi tunnels)

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most captivating destinations in Saigon, with its intricate network of tunnels hidden underground. Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, you not only have the opportunity to experience the feeling of moving through dark, cramped tunnels and hear stories of heroic wartime but also countless other exciting activities. Join Deluxe Group Tours to explore the 7 most fascinating activities at the Cu Chi Tunnels.

1. Experience the underground tunnel

The Cu Chi Tunnels(chu chi tunnels) have once made it to the Top 25 iconic destinations in Asia by users of TripAdvisor – a popular global travel application (in 2017), ranked by the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong as one of the top 7 famous tunnel tours in the world (in 2018), and listed by CNN as one of the top underground destinations beneath the earth’s surface worldwide.

As a result, the adventure of exploring underground here only adds to people’s curiosity. Exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels is not just about discovering the underground city where the people of Cu Chi lived, worked, and fought, with numerous rooms, medical chambers, dining areas, meeting rooms, food storage, weaponry, fighting holes, kitchens, uniform sewing rooms, military workshops, water wells, etc. It’s also an immersion into the history of Vietnam.

Stepping through the small tunnel entrance, just enough for a person to squeeze through, and descending is like entering the gateway to an underground world stretching nearly 250km long. These narrow and dimly lit tunnels are just spacious enough for someone to move in a crouched position, leading to sleeping quarters, workspaces, meeting areas, and medical stations…

Exploring these tunnels is an extremely familiar activity at this historical site. You will have the opportunity to admire and maneuver yourself inside the nearly 250-kilometer-long tunnel system, which consists of three deep levels.

Especially at the end of the experience, you will be treated to a dish of cassava dipped in sesame salt, a simple but specialty dish of the Cu Chi resistance area in the old days. Peeling off a piece of steaming hot cassava and dipping it in sesame salt—the more you chew, the more delicious it tastes. It’s even more delicious after the fatigue of maneuvering through the tunnels.

2. Explore the Cu Chi Liberation Zone’s Reenactment Areas

The reenactment area of the Cu Chi Liberation Zone from 1961 to 1972 is a space that recreates the daily lives of the people in this region during the Vietnam War. The reenactment area is divided into three main spaces.

Space 1 recreates the period of the war, particularly during the years 1961 to 1964, introducing the lives of the people in the newly liberated area, characterized by their optimism, confidence, and enthusiastic participation in the revolutionary movement of the Cu Chi residents.

Here, you will have a very authentic experience, as if you are living in the past, with images of the lives, struggles, work, study, and activities of the people, as well as the officers and guerrilla soldiers operating in the liberated area of Cu Chi.

Space 2 recreates the period of localized warfare from 1965 to 1968, when the enemy’s fierce destructive war targeted the liberated area of Cu Chi. Here, you will witness the devastation of the countryside and the suffering of the people during the war. All aspects of life are ravaged by bombs and bullets, with houses, temples, and pagodas burning and collapsing.

Especially, the scene reenacts a mother giving birth to a child on a bed with the assistance of her husband. Additionally, there is a model of a child sitting beside a grave, mourning the loss of their parents. These scenes further highlight the harmful effects of war and leave a lasting impression of the resilient spirit of the people of Cu Chi in their fight to preserve their homeland, with an optimistic belief in the inevitable victory of the revolution.

Space 3 recreates the period of the “white areas” in Cu Chi from 1969 to 1972, reflecting the peak of the war’s intensity. Here, the reenactment portrays Cu Chi turning into a free-fire zone controlled by the enemy. They dropped hundreds of tons of toxic chemicals, tens of thousands of bombs, and artillery shells to devastate the area, turning it into a desolate white land devoid of homes, doors, or any signs of life on the surface—only tank carcasses, planes, and bulldozers. The lives and activities of the Cu Chi guerrilla fighters and military units were moved underground.

By exploring the area recreating the Cu Chi Liberation, you can gain a clearer insight into the architectural styles of houses, the daily life, activities, and struggles of the Cu Chi people and soldiers during the period from 1961 to 1972.

3. Experience entertainment services

Visiting the Cu Chi tunnels is not just limited to tunnel exploration and exploring the reenactment area… One of the most unique and attractive activitie is the entertainment services on the ground.

1. Participate in shooting military sports

Experience real shooting at the National Defense Sports Shooting Range within the Cu Chi Tunnels historical site is one of the most beloved activities at the tunnels.

A bullet costs between 20,000 and 40,000 VND, depending on the type of gun, with an AK magazine of 25 bullets, an M16 with 20 bullets, and a handgun with 7 bullets. When shooting at the National Defense Sports Shooting Range, you can choose a suitable gun type from those used during wartime. After receiving specific instructions from the range staff, you will have the opportunity to test your shooting skills with animal-shaped targets.

Additionally, you can test your shooting skills by participating in shooting at targets following military standards (fixed targets, moving targets, and hidden targets).

You should note that when visiting the Cu Chi tunnels, you’ll need to purchase a ticket at the entrance for 30,000 VND or 70,000 VND. If you want to explore the tunnels, you’ll need to purchase an additional tour ticket for 40,000 VND. Additionally, to experience shooting, whether it’s military-style shooting or paintball shooting, you’ll need to purchase extra ammunition and supporting equipment for the experience.

2. Participate in paintball shooting.

Paintball shooting may not be unfamiliar to you. However, paintball shooting in the Cu Chi tunnels will be a new experience as it involves paintball battles simulated after actual combat scenarios.

Since it was put into operation, this game has been particularly beloved. It’s a dynamic sport with military characteristics, offering both physical activity and tactical engagement. Furthermore, it helps players relax, enhances teamwork and decision-making skills, and improves overall health.

When participating, you truly become soldiers fighting in the natural forest, equipped with full-face masks, uniforms, body armor, and weapons such as the AR15 or AK47 (the most modern types of guns available at the Cu Chi Tunnels compared to elsewhere).

Paintball shooting is an entertainment activity that you cannot miss when visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels, offering high excitement and absolute safety.

To participate in paintball shooting, you need to purchase paintballs for 3,000 VND per bullet. Please note that for the AK gun, each magazine holds 25 bullets. For the M16, one magazine can hold 20 bullets. As for handguns, each magazine can only hold 7 bullets.

Additionally, there is an extra service fee, which includes equipment such as body armor and masks, as well as field and referee factors, priced at 50,000 VND per person for each session lasting 60 minutes.

3. Participate in the elevated game area.

In addition to the military shooting experience, you can also add an exhilarating experience with a new activity that Cu Chi Tunnels has recently introduced, the continuous tree-top adventure game, with 18 challenges at a height of 8 meters and a length of 120 meters, allowing you to admire the scenery of the forest from above. The approximate transfer time is about 10 minutes, but it will be a fantastic, unforgettable experience that you must try at least once. With increasing difficulty levels, participating in this activity will help you build physical strength, patience, and a sense of relaxation and excitement when overcoming yourself and your fears to become the winner.

In addition to the continuous tree-top adventure game, you can also experience the thrill of the Tarzan jump at a height of 10 meters, or slide on the 80-meter-long zip line with an incredibly exciting and thrilling sensation. These activities are guaranteed to be absolutely safe and are guided and supported enthusiastically by experienced staff members.

4. Visit Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

The Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station is dedicated to caring for and rehabilitating wild animals confiscated from illegal trading and captivity activities. One of the station’s main objectives is raising community awareness about the protection of wildlife. It is the first rescue station in the South capable of caring for many rare and endangered wildlife species. After rehabilitation, these rare species are released back into the wild.

From 2007 to the present, the station has rescued and cared for over 5500 individuals belonging to dozens of rare and endangered wildlife species. Among them, more than 5000 individuals have been released back into the wild.

When visiting the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station, you not only get to see rare and endangered wildlife species being rescued firsthand but also receive thorough introductions about them. You will hear touching stories and interesting information about each rescued animal.

Moreover, you can also visit the Education Exhibition Room about wildlife protection within the station, featuring numerous images, specimens, vivid information, and support for the station’s wildlife protection efforts. Additionally, you can participate in caring for the rescued wildlife alongside the station’s staff.

5. Experience the Bathing Area Simulating the East Sea

1. Swimming in the Pool

Built with a unique architectural style that harmonizes with nature, the swimming pool area features a children’s pool with an area of 150 square meters and an adult pool spanning 500 square meters. The pools are equipped with a state-of-the-art water circulation and filtration system to ensure hygiene and safety. The supporting facilities are complete and modern, including changing rooms, showers, and toilets. Additionally, at the end of each day, the staff focuses on cleaning and maintaining hygiene to keep the pool in a stable and pristine condition.

After hours of exciting exploration, you can immerse yourself in the refreshing blue waters of the swimming pool at the Cu Chi Tunnels to enjoy a peaceful and cooling atmosphere. The sensation of coolness spreads from your feet to every cell of your body, helping to relieve the fatigue from passing the underground tunnels.

In addition to enjoying the vibrant atmosphere by the poolside, you can also participate in a variety of swimming programs designed to meet specific needs. With a team of professional and experienced coaches, you will receive guidance ranging from basic strokes to advanced swimming techniques.

2. Pedal swan boat and row kayak

When you visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, you not only get to challenge yourself by crawling through the underground tunnels or practicing shooting paintball and military-style shooting, but you also have the opportunity to freely explore the bathing area simulating the east sea. Here, you can rent a kayak or a swan boat to explore the small islands within the lake, such as “Bach Long Vi,” “Con Dao,” “Truong Sa,” and “Phu Quoc.” All the islands are harmoniously arranged, creating a mesmerizing and poetic beauty that will leave you enchanted.

Compared to the lively activities such as swimming in the pool, pedaling the swan boats, and kayaking will allow you to enjoy more peaceful moments.

3. Ride a tandem bicycle.

After the kayaking and swan pedaling journey on the lake at Cu Chi Tunnels, you can relax and enjoy the fresh air on tandem bicycles within the tunnels’ premises. You can rent tandem bikes to stroll around, explore the coastal area, and admire the spacious grounds here.

Join your friends and family on tandem bikes, unwind, and experience the tranquil atmosphere in the Cu Chi steel land – once a fierce battlefield of bombs and bullets.

The feeling of riding a tandem bike not only brings relaxation and comfort but also creates a closer experience with friends and family members. Accompanying each other on the roads, sharing memories, creating memorable moments, and enjoying bonding moments together.

6. Picnic camping

The Cu Chi Tunnels is not only a famous national historical site but also an ideal location for camping activities. Despite its seemingly unsuitable nature, the unique space of the tunnels will make your camping experience unforgettable.

The camping area at Cu Chi Tunnels is located next to the Saigon River or adjacent to the bathing area simulating the east sea, offering spacious and cool grounds, perfect for organizing outdoor activities.

Here, amidst the historical relics and natural surroundings, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature while still being surrounded by the rich history of the tunnels. Whether it’s gathering to set up tents, or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere under the starry sky, camping at Cu Chi Tunnels offers a unique blend of adventure and historical exploration that you won’t find elsewhere.

7. Shop for souvenirs

In addition to the impressive stopovers, the Cu Chi Tunnels Historical Site also features souvenir stalls with over 1300 items. These will be lasting mementos for you to cherish the memories of this land forever.

Stepping into the souvenir shopping area, you will be overwhelmed by the diversity of items. From simple items like keychains, figurines, and postcards to exquisite handicrafts, or local specialty foods, everything is available here.

You can choose from keychains shaped like tunnels, conical hats, traditional Vietnamese “ao dai” clothing, and more, to give as gifts to friends and family. Alternatively, embroidered paintings, ceramic figurines, and other decorative items can add a unique touch to your home.

Especially notable are the souvenir items made from bullet shells at the Cu Chi Tunnels. These shells, of various sizes, are skillfully transformed by artisans into familiar souvenirs such as oil lamps, lighters, keychains, and more. With prices ranging from just a few thousand to under 100,000 VND per item, they make unique and distinctive souvenir gifts that bear the mark of Cu Chi.

You should note that to have these unique experiences, you need to purchase separate tickets. The entrance fee is 35,000 VND for a Vietnamese visitor and 70,000 VND for a foreign visitor, excluding the tour and exploration services inside the Cu Chi Tunnels. You can refer to the price list below for the cost of each service.

1Crawl into tunnels20,000 VND/ person
2Visit the Cu Chi Liberation Zone’s Reenactment Areas40,000 VND/ person
3Experience elevated game area50,000 VND/ person
4Visit Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station
5Swim in the pool
6Rent swan boat/ kayak40,000 VND/ boat
7Rent a tandem bicycle
8Picnic camp


Experiencing the Cu Chi Tunnels has never been easier with the experiences I have shared. And I also hope that with this information, you will have an interesting and meaningful trip to this famous historical site. Set foot in the Cu Chi Tunnels and explore the wonders of this place yourself. You will definitely not be disappointed with this historical site’s unique and emotional experiences.