War Remnants Museum

Another attrractive structure that is worth visiting is the War Remnants Museum. It is located in 28 Vo Van Tan, in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. It primarily contains exhibits relating to the American War (known in the USA as the Vietnam War) also known as the second Indochina War, but also includes many exhibits relating to the first Indochina War involving the French colonialists. Once known as the Museum of American War Crimes, on July 4th 1995, it was renamed as the War Remnants Museum now it attracts alots of western tourists coming. Inside the museum, three levels of permanent exhibits will catch tourist’s eyes immediately. The ground floor of the museum is devoted to a collection of posters and photographs showing support for the antiwar movement internationally and the wrongdoings of the U.S government. Even those who supported the war are likely to be horrified by the photos of children affected by US bombing and napalming. You’ll also have the rare chance to see some of the experimental weapons used in the war, which were at one time military secrets, such as the flechette , an artillery shell filled with thousands of tiny darts.

war remnants museum saigon   war remnants museum saigon

Upstairs, look out for the Requiem Exhibition, a powerfull collection documents the work of photographers killed during the course of the conflict, on both sides. Along with inside displays, don’t forget to look out the outside of the museum where many American military facilities parked around the ground of the museum. Helicopters, tanks, artillery, fighter planes, and an assortment of large bombs complete the interesting display. Moreover, as you exit the museum, the POW prison on the museum ground leaves special impressions in tourist’s mind when they turn back. In general, the War Remnants Museum is where researching on themes, collecting, storing, preserving and dispalying the materials, pictures, artifacts on the evidence of the crime and consequences of the war that the invading forces had caused to Vietnam. Thereby, the museum educates the public, especially the younger generation about spiritual struggle for independence and freedom of the country, in the sense against aggression, defend peace and solidarity friendship between the peoples of the world. Nowsaday, the museum gradually become a must see attraction in Vietnam particularly in Ho Chi Minh City that gains reliance from domestic also international tourists.